raised loft flooring

 Providing safe access to an insulated loft and saving top-up costs

Provide safe access to:

  • Water tanks
  • Boilers
  • Solar panels
  • Heat exchangers

  • The greatest barrier to loft insulation is storage

    82% of households have damaged their loft insulation through storage!

    StoreFloor is the easiest way to insulate without having to clear a loft.

    Safe access to your lofts

    According to the Government, a fully insulated loft should have 270mm of insulation. This is much higher than the joist height and thus you can no longer see the loft trusses and joists. This means it's hard to safely walk or crawl in the loft: one wrong step and you could put your foot through the ceiling!

    How then do your staff safely access items installed in a loft? Water tanks, boilers, solar panels, solar inverters, heat exchangers - they all require maintenance. Indeed, some engineers will require a solid loft floor before they will risk access, or they will remove and damage the new insulation. As a landlord, you need to provide a safe working environment for your staff, and this includes safe access to lofts. Adding a simple area of raised loft flooring provides a safe and convenient way for engineers and surveyors to access items in their insulated loft.

    Reducing top-up costs

    Regardless of what the tenancy agreement might say, many tenants use the loft for storage. As a result, when tenants move out, landlords often need to repair or top-up insulation which has been compressed, moved or even removed.

    This added cost can be avoided; the best way to prevent this problem is to provide protection to the insulation, which stops tenants from doing anything that damages loft insulation. 82% of households damage their loft insulation through storage

    Helping the environment

    If insulation is only laid up to joist height, with boards above it, or if insulation is compressed or (re)moved, then it quite simply won't work as well as it should. Squashed insulation doesn't perform very well! - the mineral wool loft insulation works because of the air trapped inside the insulation and if you compress it, the air gets squeezed out, making it much less effective. This means that heating bills for your tenants and the carbon footprint of your properties will be higher than they should be.

    You can avoid this by protecting the insulation with StoreFloor raised loft floor

    What's the solution?

    The cheapest and simplest solution to the very common problem of storing items in a fully-insulated loft is to install a raised floor above the insulation. The LoftZone StoreFloor is a lightweight, low cost, easy-to-install and very strong platform for storing items and walking on, while protecting the 270mm loft insulation and allowing it to save energy and cut fuel bills as intended.

    The combined cost of insulation, the LoftZone StoreFloor and loft floor boards is still cheaper than the only other safe solution which is to lay rigid foam insulation on the loft floor and board above that. There is also no need to spend time cutting the foam to size nor worry about leaving air gaps.

    Other products to raise the height of the loft floor don't work as well because loft joists are not evenly spaced, which means it can be difficult to secure the loft boards firmly on to them. Only StoreFloor has an adjustable beam which means that you can safely screw the boards down on to them, regardless of joist spacing. The beam also allows you to bridge over any obstructions in the loft too.

  • Provides safe storage space
  • Keeps heating bills down
  • Strong enough to walk on
  • Cheap and easy to install