raised loft flooring

How can I use my insulated loft for storage?

The cheapest and simplest solution to the very common problem of storing items in a fully-insulated loft is to install a raised floor above the insulation.

The LoftZone StoreFloor is a lightweight, low cost, easy-to-install and very strong platform for storing items and walking on, while protecting the 270mm loft insulation and allowing it to save energy and cut fuel bills as intended.

LoftZone StoreFloor Buying Guidelines

If you are thinking of buying a StoreFloor for your property, and would like some advice of how big it should be, and what you need, this guide is for you.

How big a floor should I have?

It's up to you! It depends how much space you think you need for storage, and whether you want to use the floor for safe access to a specific part of your loft (e.g. to access the water tank, boiler or solar inverter). The minimum size StoreFloor is 1.2m x 1.2m, or you can do the whole of your loft area, or something in-between (but always in increments of 1.2m in each direction, unless you want to cut loft boards to smaller sizes). Some things to think about include:
  • The area you choose for your StoreFloor doesn’t need to be square or rectangular: some people prefer an ‘L’ or ‘T’ shape, or choose to have two StoreFloor areas, separated by a gap.

  • We recommend that if you use a retractable loft access ladder, you fit the StoreFloor in an area where the ladder normally does not rest when the loft hatch is closed. (This is because the extra height makes it harder to stow the ladder).

  • Height is reduced at the edges of your loft (the eaves), so you may not want to board all the way up to the very edge. You should also leave gaps for ventilation at the eaves.

  • If you need to access anything fixed in the loft (e.g. the water tank), create a continuous path all the way from the loft hatch to the destination.

  • If you change your mind, and want to add more raised flooring later on, it's easy to do.

How many parts do I need?

We are currently selling StoreFloor in packs for the following standard sizes, and we automatically include all the supports and beams you need. Please contact us at info@loftzone.co.uk for prices:
  • 1.2 metres long x 1.2 metres wide (which is 1.44 m2)

  • 2.4 metres long x 2.4 metres wide (which is 5.76 m2)

  • 3.6 metres long x 3.6 metres wide (which is 12.96 m2)

  • 4.8 metres long x 4.8 metres wide (which is 23.04 m2)

If you would like a different size, we can also provide this, please contact us and we can let you know how many parts you need and what this will cost.