The following regulations apply to the loft space:

  • Building regulations requires safe access to equipment in the loft space
  • Part L requires deep insulation
  • Part P requires cables and services to be raised above the insulation
  • Loftzone is the only one solution for all of these regulations.

Safe Access for Maintenance.

It has always been a compromise as to which regulation is enforced when it comes to providing safe access to maintain equipment in a cold loft space with insulation of a depth that sits above joist level. The dilemma has been that insulation needs to cover the joists but that if you cannot see the joists, you cannot see where to walk safely. Unfortunately, falls through or from lofts are all too common, with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recording over 200 hospital admissions per year as a result.

This problem has now become even more acute for Building Control professionals with recent changes to regulations. The 2013 Part L Building Regulations in England specifically require cold bridging to be minimised, which means that installing a platform at joist level, or on raised timber battens, is no longer an option without amending the SAP score for the roof space to account for the cold bridging through the wood. Furthermore, the 2015 Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations places a great emphasis on future safe maintenance, stating that “designers must consider their designs and any potential risks which may affect those who may maintain or clean the building once it is built”. It had seemed impossible to meet both these regulations – until now, that is.

LoftZone StoreFloor is the only solution that does not require a compromise. The product forms a fast- and easy-to-fit safe structure for a storage and access deck above up to 350mm of insulation, which does not cause cold bridging. LoftZone StoreFloor has passed all required industry tests and is the only raised loft floor system that is BBA certified.

Watch a short video about why squashed insulation is a major problem