5 Million Megawatt hours = 5 power stations

StoreFloor isn’t just about making lofts useable again, nor just about saving a building’s energy bills, though it does both of those. It also has a big impact on the environment, by saving energy that would otherwise go straight out everyone’s roofs.

Our research shows that 82% of householders squash their loft insulation and that this at least doubles the heat lost. The Energy Savings Trust tells us that 25% of a building’s heat typically goes out of the roof, whilst the UK Government calculates that there are 23 million domestic lofts plus many more in commercial and public buildings.

This all adds up very quickly. In fact, it adds up to 5 million MegaWatt hours of wasted energy every year. That’s the same as 5 whole power stations.

Watch a short video about why squashed insulation is a major problem