Insulation installers

  • Homebuyers want to use the loft for storage and don’t want to clear the loft prior to insulating it
  • Building regulations requires safe access to equipment in the loft space, at least 270mm of insulation, and for cables and services to be raised above the insulation.
  • There is only one solution to all of these

A better alternative to loft clearance

One of the biggest barriers to insulating a loft is that people want to use it for storage. Indeed, often the loft is already full of possessions, making it impossible to insulate. Loft clearance services have been trialled but these have rarely been successful; it takes too long to clear a loft, items may be damaged whilst being moved, and the residents do not have alternative storage space for the items they decide to keep.

This is no surprise - according to the UK’s largest ever survey of how people use their lofts, carried out by the Carbon Trust and which interviewed 6,000 people, 82% of people living in UK private and social houses use their loft for storage. Of these, 78% said their loft was “more than half full”, 65% had boarded their loft and, of the total population, 76% said that using the loft for storage was either “very important” or “essential”. Until now, the storage “hassle factor” has therefore been a massive barrier to attaining full loft insulation.

LoftZone StoreFloor solves this problem. It is the fastest and easiest way to build a storage deck, and works with up to 350mm of insulation. The deck can be built up in stages, and therefore avoids the need to clear the loft – nothing needs to be taken down the ladder, only moved on to the deck when complete. Most installations are in the central third of the loft, where the height is highest, and a team of two installers can complete this in a 2-bedroom property in 30 minutes. It is also partly ECO-fundable, compared to putting a storage deck at joist level.

StoreFloor also increases the desirability of the having the loft insulated, since storage space is not lost. In a trial by YES Projects for Insulate Hampshire, free loft insulation plus StoreFloor was offered to low-income households that had already refused free loft insulation alone. The result was incredible, with massive demand from these previously “hard-to-treat” customers. If householders are offered insulation in a way that does not reduce their storage space, then the insulation offering becomes much more attractive.

LoftZone has a one-hour online CPD-certified training course available for installers. We are also always looking for reputable new installers to meet customer demand. Please contact us for more information.

See how easy StoreFloor is to install

StoreFloor can be installed in just a few easy steps. see our installation guide, or watch our installation video