LoftZone commisioned the largest ever survey of UK lofts

LoftZone commissioned the largest ever survey of loft users, interviewing 6,000 householders and asking them how they use their lofts and what they knew about insulation. The survey was undertaken by an independent professional organisation, chosen by The Carbon Trust. The full survey is available upon request, and here’s the summary:

82% of Houses squash insulation, and most don’t realise this is bad for it.

The survey found out that an enormous 82% of people said they squash their insulation for storage or access purposes, usually by putting boxes directly on top of the insulation or by screwing boards to the joists. Two-thirds of those who used their loft for storage had boarded it, with 89% saying it was at least half full.

Squashing insulation stops it working (see here) but unfortunately this isn’t well known, as only 26% said they knew squashing insulation was bad for it. Many people thought that squashed insulation worked better, but this is completely wrong.

Loft storage is vital

The survey also found that 76% of people said that storage in their loft was either “very important” or “essential”.

This is a serious problem as whilst loft insulation works well when it’s not squashed, this doesn’t fit with the needs of householders, who want to use their loft for more than just insulation. Also, many people refuse insulation altogether as they don't want to clear their loft.

That’s why we invented LoftZone StoreFloor, which solves the problem of how to use an insulated loft for storage and access

Watch a short video about why squashed insulation is a major problem