The following regulations apply to the loft space:

  • Building regulations requires safe access to equipment in the loft space
  • Part L requires deep insulation
  • Part P requires cables and services to be raised above the insulation
  • LoftZone is the sole solution for all of these regulations.

Safe Access for Maintenance

It is relatively common to have boilers located in a roof but there are strict regulations about safe access for maintenance purposes, and these require a fixed loft ladder, a walkway with a handrail, and lighting.

But lofts today now require at least 270mm of insulation and until recently, this has made it difficult for plumbers and Gas Safe Engineers to build a safe access walkway. Some installers simply fix boards directly on to the joists, but this means the insulation is no longer at the required thickness and tests by the National Physical Laboratory show that its performance will be at least halved. An alternative is to build a raised platform above the insulation. The traditional way to do this was to use raised timber battens but these are cumbersome and heavy, they form a cold bridge that allows heat to escape through the insulation, and they now contravene Part L1A of the 2013 Building Regulations in England, as the cold bridging means you have to decrease the SAP score for the loft.

LoftZone StoreFloor is the fastest, easiest, way to create a raised safe access platform above the insulation. It not only enables compliance with the safe access walkway regulations but it also enables the full depth of insulation to be retained and work properly to save on heating bills. Moreover, StoreFloor has been designed to make it easy to install a handrail and it is quicker and easier to do this than it is with boarding at joist level, because StoreFloor provides two fixing points for the handrail.

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