Supreme Loft Boards

The Best Chipboard Loft Board in the UK

These are the highest quality chipboard loft board panels for sale in the UK and are available exclusively from LoftZone. What’s so good about them? Well, they have a smoother finish than the standard loft boards you get from DIY stores, they look and feel stronger and stiffer, and the tongue is stronger and less likely to break. They are also officially rated as “P5”, which is a higher rating than on boards from DIY stores, which means that they are load bearing and also suitable for use in both dry and humid conditions

Just like all our loft boards, the panels have been designed with tongue and groove on the long edges, allowing the panels to slot into one another for a secure fit and easy installation.

Features and Benefits

  • 1220 x 318 x 18mm
  • Each panel weighs 5kg
  • Tongue-and-groove on the two long edges, for rapid and easy installation
  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Responsibly sourced FSC® Certified
  • CE-marked
  • This board is classified as “P5” which means it is load bearing and can be used in both dry and humid conditions. Its bending strength is at least 152kg per square centimetre.
  • The trees for these boards are grown in Spain and we cut the chipboard to size in the UK.


Note that we sell these panels individually, not in packs of three. The price shown is therefore for one panel. Please ensure that you order the correct number of panels.

Screws are not included and we sell these separately via the link below. We recommend 4x40mm wood screws. Each loft board panel needs a minimum of three screws each, though you may choose to use up to six screws per panel for added strength if you wish.

Delivery Info. & Reviews (please read before ordering to understand the restrictions on delivering this heavy product).


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Want to know more before buying?


Loft panels are heavy and need to be shipped on a pallet. Therefore, we will only send panels bought on this website to mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland, and we charge a flat shipping cost of £40, for up to 150 panels. If you live elsewhere or want to order more than 150 panels, then please contact us for a delivery quote.

Also, if you are ordering a LoftZone StoreFloor or StoreFloor Compact kit or parts at the same time as these boards,  for which postage is £12, then we put these kits or parts on the same pallet, so effectively you are only paying £28 extra for the board delivery.

Finally, the tongue (the part that sticks out) of these panels is strong when inserted into the next board but can be a little bit fragile in transit and can occasionally get damaged. If you go to a DIY store, you will see that about 10% of the tongues on their loft board panels have some damage. We pack our boards much more securely than they do, but if some have minor damage on the tongue upon arrival, then please be assured that this will not affect the strength or appearance of the overall floor, since the tongue is hidden inside the groove and cannot be seen once installed.



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