LoftZone allows Solar & MVHR Installers to meet new Building Regulations and to provide safe access in domestic and commercial properties.

Regulations for Solar & MVHR Installers

  • Building regulations requires safe access to equipment in the loft space
  • Part L requires deep insulation
  • Part P requires cables and services to be raised above the insulation
  • Loftzone is the only one solution for all of these regulations.

Safe Access for Maintenance.

It has long been a legal requirement to provide safe access pathways to equipment in the loft that will need maintenance, for example MVHR units and solar inverters, and recently this requirement has been strengthened with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, which states that “designers must consider their designs and any potential risks which may affect those who may maintain or clean the building once it is built”. At the same time, in order for renewables to be subsidised with a Feed-in Tariff, the building must attain at least an EPC ‘D’ rating, and this usually means that the loft must be insulated to a depth of at least 270mm. This causes a dilemma, as until recently it has not been easy to build a safe access platform above this thickness of insulation, and squashing the insulation halves its performance and affects the EPC calculation.

The traditional way of building up the safe access platform was to use raised timber cross-battens. But these are heavy and they cause cold bridging, allowing heat to escape through the insulation. As a result, the law changed and under Part L1 of the 2013 Building Regulations in England, you cannot now use raised timber battens without decreasing the SAP score for the loft space.

LoftZone StoreFloor uniquely solves this problem. The product forms a safe structure for a storage or access deck above up to 350mm of insulation, that does not cause cold bridging and is cheaper and faster to install than timber. LoftZone StoreFloor has passed all required industry tests and is the only raised loft floor system that is BBA certified.

See how easy StoreFloor is to install

StoreFloor can be installed in just a few easy steps. see our installation guide, or watch our insallation video