How To Keep Your House Warm In The Winter

With the cold winter months and lockdowns requiring us to spend more time at home. A lot of us are noticing the struggle to keep our house warm. Leading to higher heating costs and heating struggles. There are plenty of ways you can stop heat loss in your home while improving your energy performance rating […]

Will Loft Boarding Affect My New Build House Warranty?

In short, no. Correctly installed loft boarding does not invalidate the NHBC new build warranty. The NHBC warranty is a 10-year warranty that comes with most new-build properties. The warranty protects your new build by holding the builders accountable, ensuring all homes are built to NHBC standards. It accounts the builders responsible to repair anything […]

Product Spotlight: LoftZone Steel TrussShelf

Ever wanted even more options to expand the storage capacity in your loft? We’re passionate about finding solutions for storage in loft spaces. Thanks to the continued success of our StoreFloor product, we were inspired to take our storage solutions even further! We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new product, the LoftZone Steel […]

5 Tips To Maximise Storage Space In Your Loft

Are you looking to improve create more space in your loft? With a few easy storage ideas, you can transform your loft space from an unused space to a highly functional storage space for your home. No matter how big or small your loft space is, there are many ways to maximise the storage space. […]

What is the difference between loft boarding and loft conversion?

As with all home improvement products and services, its important to understand what it is exactly that you want in your home. One question we receive often is: What is the difference between loft boarding and loft conversion? We’ve all heard both of those terms used before, and for many people they blend into one, […]

4 Benefits of Protecting Loft Insulation

If you have loft insulation you may think it’s doing its job effectively to heat your home. However, if your loft insulation is incorrectly installed and is not protected properly it could be doing more harm than good. Loft insulation can be an effective and simple improvement to your home when installed correctly! How does […]

Five Things You Should And Shouldn’t Store in Your Loft

There are plenty of dos and don’ts when it comes storing items in your loft. With temperature fluctuations, the potential for insects, and the risk of over-stacking your storage, it’s essential that you store the right items in your loft to avoid damage. What You Should Store in Your Loft With LoftZone, our StoreFloor Loftboarding […]

Three Tips for Keeping Your Loft Tidy

There are a number of ways you can approach your loft organisation. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure your items are properly stored, and protected from damp, dust, and any other potential hazards. The question most people ask is “how do I keep my loft tidy?”. So, we decided to put together 3 top tips […]

Environmentally Friendly Loft Boarding

As the years go on, the environment and climate change become more and more prominent in our lives. From the 5p plastic bag charge, to the eco setting on a dishwasher, environmentally conscious products and incentives are present in most things we do. In our homes there are many things that can help us to […]

How To Install Loft Boarding In Your Own Home

Installing your own loft boarding is a very achievable task, but there are a number of factors that should be considered and understood before starting the process. Safety is paramount, and we always advise to start by having a checklist of safety measures and ensuring they are all met. Before we go any further, we […]