LED Loft Lights
Eco-Friendly, Bright and Easy-to-Fit

Our innovative LED loft lighting will never leave you in the dark or fumbling for the cord again. We offer rechargeable lights that don't need installation and work with motion sensing, or professional-install options that are wired in.

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    LED Loft Light (Wired-In)

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    LED Loft Light (No Wiring)

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Loft Lighting With Easy Installation

If you use your loft for storage, you’ll need to see what you have got up there. Forget complicated wiring: LoftZone’s No-Wiring LED loft lights are simply stuck wherever you need them, using adhesive pads that are supplied. They are also magnetic so you can place them on our metal LoftZone StoreFloor Cross-Beams or our Loft Shelving to guide you as you enter the loft. 

Alternatively, we also offer a wired-in batten LED loft light, but this should only be fitted by a qualified electrician. (Our installers can do this for you). Illuminate the darkest corners and edges of your loft to truly make the most out of the space!

boarded loft with storage included