LED Loft Lights

Easy-to-Fit Eco-Friendly Loft Lighting

LED Loft Lights

Rechargeable Motion-Sensing Light Strips that stick to wood and metal

If you have storage in your loft, you’ll want lighting, too.

Our LoftZone Installers can wire lights to your electricity, but if you are a DIY’er then we now offer rechargeable strip lights, without any need for re-wiring!

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Takes only seconds to install, long battery life, easy to recharge

These lights come with an adhesive strip on the back, which sticks to the timber in your loft. They are also magnetic, so you can place them on a LoftZone Cross-Beam, or TrussShelf, to guide you as you enter the loft.

Recharge quickly via a USB cable (provided). Battery life is 10 hours of continuous light, so this should last a long time if you only pop into your loft for short periods. 

The illuminated area is 340 x 25mm, which emits 350 lumens of light and senses movement within several metres. It switches off after 20 seconds of not detecting any more movement. 

You can change the light’s brightness and colour temperature (to make it yellower or bluer) in the settings. 

Each LED Loft Light comes with:

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