We help decarbonise Britain’s homes through loft insulation protection.

LoftZone is a pioneering British business working to increase the energy efficiency of our homes and keep household bills down. Loft insulation is one of the most affordable and best ways to make our homes greener, but to ensure it works properly and benefits consumers for longer, it must have protection.

You can read through our policy paper here and watch our two-minute video about why squashed insulation is a major problem.

How LoftZone helps policy makers

  • A simple, low-risk, easy-to-fit and affordable solution, compared to other technologies, to help consumers make their homes more energy efficient, future-proof our homes, and drive down bills for the long-term.
  • An energy saving solution which can benefit 99% of homes with loft insulation across every constituency and in all regions of the UK, and where over 120,000 UK homes have already been LoftZone’d, proving the demand and our ability to scale.
  • A British-made product that is supporting a UK supply chain and creating hundreds of jobs.
  • Increasingly a popular option with both housebuilders and consumers due to its affordability, ease of installation and long-term impact.
  • Allows the Government to spend their money well, protecting insulation so that it lasts a lifetime (currently it often has to be replaced after just a few years).
  • A British export with growing popularity in the USA and Canada.

Government can help cut bills and increase the energy efficiency of homes by:

  • Promoting insulation protection as a key requirement of loft insulation installation in new builds and in the retrofitting of current homes.
  • Making insulation protection VAT exempt as an energy-saving material so that it becomes even more affordable for households to install.
  • Implement the new Home Energy Model (HEM) and reform EPCs to include lifetime emissions and recognise the benefits of loft insulation protection in cutting these.
  • Use the Future Homes and Building Standards (FHS) to mandate insulation protection for loft insulation in new builds.


You can download our Position Paper for Policy Changes, and also our Academic Analysis Review on how bad the issue of Insulation Compression is, from the “Technical Documentation” section on this page. 

You can also watch our two-minute video about why squashed insulation is a major problem.

Why do we need to protect loft insulation?

In the UK, 25% of a home’s heat is lost through an uninsulated roof. Installing loft insulation can save a household on average £370 per year, but this alone is not enough.

80% of householders in the UK use their lofts for access and storage. What most people do not realise is that, in doing so, the weight of their stored belongings or loft boards compresses the insulation, reducing its thermal resistance by at least 50% and leading to higher bills and greater carbon emissions.

That is why loft insulation protection is so important. Insulation protection works by sitting above the insulation and protecting it from compression, so it works better and lasts longer, without having to give up the loft as a space for access and storage.

However, 25 million UK lofts don’t yet have this protection. That is why it makes sense for this Government and the next to mandate that the Future Homes and Building Standards’ updates to building regulations must include insulation protection as part of all loft insulation in new homes, and for the new Home Energy Model (and future EPCs) to assume that loft insulation will usually be compressed unless protected.

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Watch a two-minute video about why squashed insulation is a major problem.

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