Loft Ladders

Easy-to-Fit Sturdy Loft Ladders
Available DIY or Professionally Installed

Loft Ladders enable you to access your loft in the safest manner possible and are easy to store, offering quick and convenient access. Our range of loft ladders do not need specialist skills to install and can be invaluable within the home as more and more of us turn to the loft to store household items.

Loft Ladders

High Quality Loft Ladders From Trusted Brands

We offer several high-quality loft ladders, made from aluminium or timber, and all of them are compatible with our raised loft boarding systems, LoftZone StoreFloor and StoreFloor Compact. Many of our installers will also be happy to supply and fit loft ladders, and you can find your nearest installers below. 

open loft hatch with ladder

Compatible with LoftZone StoreFloor

Every ladder we sell is tall enough to fit alongside LoftZone StoreFloor or StoreFloor Compact.

We sell standard loft ladders, telescopic and concertina  ladders, and one timber option too. 

Free delivery on all ladders! Ladders may be delivered separately to your other LoftZone purchases, and should arrive within a week of order.

How to Choose and Install the Right Loft Ladder for your Home

You have several options: