Loft Ladders

Easy-to-Fit Sturdy Loft Ladders

Loft Ladders

High Quality, British-Made Loft Ladders

We sell a couple of loft ladders, made from aluminium, that are both compatible with LoftZone StoreFloor and StoreFloor Compact. Check out the options on this page, or contact one of our installers to ask them to fit it for you!

Complete Loft Boarding Kit with ABRU Arrow Aluminium Loft Ladder

Compatible with LoftZone StoreFloor

Every ladder we sell is tall enough to fit alongside LoftZone StoreFloor. This is because they are all three-section ladders. 

All the loft ladders we sell are made from sturdy aluminium, in the UK.

Free delivery on all ladders! Ladders may be delivered separately to your other LoftZone purchases.

How to Choose and Install the Right Loft Ladder for your Home

You have several options:

Visit our Shop

If you’re looking for loft storage, access or lighting, we’ve got everything you need.

Find an Installer

Have your loft ladder and boarding professionally installed.
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