About LoftZone

We help decarbonise Britain’s homes through loft insulation protection.

LoftZone is a British business, founded in 2011, whose products help households across the UK drive down their energy bills and carbon emissions by protecting their loft insulation. Born from a commitment to maximise home energy efficiency, LoftZone was conceived as an innovative solution for the loft space in houses and safeguards the crucial insulation beneath. Without loft insulation protection, 80% of UK’s homes’ squash or move their loft insulation, which at least halves its effectiveness. 

What we are solving.

In the UK, 25% of a home’s heat is lost through an uninsulated roof. Installing loft insulation is one of the best things householders can do to cut energy costs and drive down carbon emissions – householders can save on average £370 per year by doing this, according to the Energy Savings Trust. But this alone is not enough.

80% of householders in the UK use their lofts for access and storage, however the weight of their stored belongings placed directly on their loft insulation, or on to covering boards, compresses the insulation, stopping it from working properly.

That is why loft insulation protection is proving so important. Insulation protection works by sitting above the insulation and protecting it from compression, ensuring that loft insulation works better for longer, reducing energy bills and carbon emissions; all without having to give up the loft as a space for access and storage.

You can watch our two-minute video about why squashed insulation is a major problem. 

You can download our Position Paper for Policy Changes, and also our Academic Analysis Review on how bad the issue of Insulation Compression is, from the “Technical Documentation” section on this page. 

Our partnerships.

LoftZone is a British business. Our steel is processed in the West Midlands and North West of England, our plastics are injection moulded in Rutland and Surrey, using recycled materials from Lincolnshire. Our warehouse is in Leicestershire and our head office in Essex. We are installed in over 120,000 homes, mainly in the UK and Ireland, and we work with our family of installers across Great Britain, trained to our LoftZone standards. We also provide training for professionals in the building industry, using the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists’ Continuous Professional Development-accredited course. Most of our export sales are to the USA and Canada. 

Our directors

Dave Raval is the CEO of LoftZone and joined the inventors of StoreFloor, Piers and Paul, who had thought up the StoreFloor product in a pub near Woking, just over ten years ago. From zero, Dave has led the company to today, where over 120,000 homes have had LoftZone StoreFloor insulation protection fitted. 

With almost 20 years of experience in the cleantech sector, including running the UK’s business incubator scheme for the Carbon Trust, Dave has spent his career accelerating the development of low carbon start-ups. Dave has a MEng from the University of Oxford in Engineering, Economics and Management and is a football referee (formerly officiating semi-pro leagues in England).

David Lennan is the Chair of LoftZone and one of its original founders. He is also Chair of the National Warm Homes Council. 

Prior to that, David was formerly the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, and the Timber Trades Federation, as well as a Director of Nat West Bank and Surrey County Council. 

Rob Stone joined as a Director of LoftZone in 2019 and founded the largest installer in the LoftZone family, Instaloft. He was voted as “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022” at the UK Business Awards. 

BBA Certified.

Fully certified and technically approved for domestic and commercial construction. Click on the BBA logo to download our certificate. 

CPD Certified.

Members of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists can gain one hour’s Continuous Professional Development by viewing an online training course provided by LoftZone on the In-Use factors affecting the practical performance of loft insulation. Click on the CIAT logo for instructions on how to access the course.

Efficient Homes.

Watch a two-minute video about why squashed insulation is a major problem.

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Case Studies and Technical Documentation for StoreFloor.