Loft Insulation

Everyone needs loft insulation, and we sell the UK's market-leading brand of loft insulation rolls.

You need at least 11 inches!

Heat rises and in a typical home, around 25% of your heat goes up through your ceiling, into your loft and out through the roof. 

Most people have at least some loft insulation but usually, it’s only up to 100mm (3 or 4 inches), in-between the joists. But the UK Government now recommends a minimum of 270mm (around 11 inches) in England – and more in Scotland – and this means that the loft insulation sits well above your joists. 

We sell loft insulation in 100mm, 170mm and 200mm thick rolls, so added together, we’ve easily got your loft covered!

Just remember that compressing loft insulation with boxes or boards at least halves its effectiveness, so if you need to use your loft, raised up the flooring above the insulation, using StoreFloor.

heat loss from a house