Loft Boards

Britain’s highest quality loft boards, available for rapid home delivery.

LoftZone’s unique raised loft boarding solutions are a better way to make the most of your loft space for storage and access. Protect your insulation, save on energy bills and get all the storage you need. We are the UK’s Number One choice for loft boards, offering the highest quality boards, uniquely available from us. 

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A New Way To Board Your Loft

High Quality Loft Systems Installed In More Than 100,000 Homes

Our loft boards are simple and easy to install. Panels of wooden loft floorboards are screwed into metal cross beams. These are raised above the joists and insulation inside your loft.  LoftZone’s method of loft boarding is stress-free, as everything arrives in one kit. 

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Better Loft Boards For Your Home

The old way to lay loft boards was either to fix them to the joists directly, or to raise the floor with timber. But nowadays, loft insulation is much deeper than your joists, and it doesn’t work if you compress it, so laying boards on to the joists is a definite no. Meanwhile timber is heavy, can’t easily avoid obstructions, doesn’t work with uneven joists and, importantly, acts as a ‘cold bridge’, letting heat escape through your insulation. 


In new properties, architects are not allowed to specify timber for this purpose anymore, unless they add extra insulation elsewhere to make up for the heat that escapes along the timber. LoftZone’s loft boards, on top of our StoreFloor product, are suitable for new builds and so much easier to use than timber, without compromising on the strength.

Ready To Upgrade Your Loft?

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