4x40mm High Performance Wood Screws (Box of 200)

High Quality Screws for StoreFloor, StoreFloor Compact and Loft Boards

If you buy a StoreFloor or StoreFloor Compact kit, then we provide enough screws in that kit for all the plastic and metal parts to be fixed together.

If you however buy the parts separately, then you will need to purchase the screws separately too. And if you buy loft boards, then the boards don’t come with screws either. We sell these top quality 4x40mm wood screws in boxes of 200, and they are suitable for both applications.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • you need two screws for each Cross-Beam, Tri-Support, Uni-Support or Compact-Support,
  • each loft board needs a minimum of three screws each, though you may choose to use up to six screws per board for added strength if you wish.


  • Hardened steel Pozi PZ2 flat countersunk heads
  • Serrated threads to cut into the wood with less effort and improve performance
  • Cutting flute to help penetrate the hardest of hard woods
  • Integral “reamer” to speed action where no threading required
  • Ribs under the head to aid countersinking
  • High quality steel for added strength.


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These boxes of screws can be delivered Monday to Friday for a flat rate of £5 within the UK, regardless of how many boxes you buy,

Items bought on this website can be shipped to anywhere in Great Britain. If you are in Northern Ireland or the EU, then we can still ship to you however alas there is a minimum total order value for these destinations of £125 (including postage), which is because of Brexit-related red tape. For more information, please see our post on this topic in our FAQs page.


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