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LED Loft Light (No Wiring)

Easy-to-Fit Eco-Friendly and Bright Loft Lighting

These very bright LED strip lights are super easy to fit (no wiring and no electricians needed) and switch on via a Bluetooth-connected sensor which senses motion (useful if you are carrying boxes etc!).

These lights are much more powerful than old-style loft lights: check out the video for how large an area one light illuminates. The battery can be recharged quickly via a USB cable (provided) and the lights cleverly fit together so that you can charge up to three at once. Claimed battery life is 8 hours of continuous full power light, followed by 4 hours at a lower level, so this should last a long time if you only pop into your loft for short periods, and the lower level lighting gives you plenty of notice that it needs recharging. The colour temperature can be varied from 3000 to 6000K – this makes the light warmer (yellower) or colder (bluer), as you prefer.

These lights are magnetic, so you can place them on our metal LoftZone StoreFloor Cross-Beam or our LoftZone Shelving Products to guide you as you enter the loft. They also come with adhesive pads (with a new, stronger, adhesive) on two metal brackets. These brackets thus stick via the adhesive to clean timber in your loft on one side, whilst magnetically adhering to the light on the other side.

The illuminated area of the light is 335 x 37mm and the total dimensions (including the battery) are 370 x 50 x 10mm.

You will need to buy a sensor in order to switch the lights on or off; one sensor can work with up to three lights.

These lights are made by a company based in Hong Kong, but shipped from our warehouse in the UK.

CE and RoHS- compliant.

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From: £11.99

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These loft lights can be delivered Monday to Friday for £5, regardless of how many lights are ordered. If you order other LoftZone kits or parts at the same time, then the delivery charge will be £12, for the LoftZone kits and lights, all together.

We ship these loft lights to anywhere in the UK. We do not however ship these lights to countries outside of the UK.



3 reviews for LED Loft Light (No Wiring)

  1. Wayne (store manager)

    I was surprised at how bright the lights are and they are quite small and neat.

    The magnets on the back are really strong and hold to the bolts in the beams in my loft. I have actually compared it side by side to a wired light and there is very little in the way of difference but the added bonus of being able to move the lights around.

    They are also really good for near entrances so I have used one by my loft entrance so it’s bright when I go in the loft.

    Perfect piece of kit.

  2. David (store manager)

    After recently installing LoftZone StoreFloor I was looking for lighting that was convenient for me to install, did not require an electrician, activated by motion sensor but most

    important it had to be bright enough to illuminate my attic so I could easily navigate the storage boxes and find what I was looking for. I then discovered LoftZone LED Loft Light,

    it looked perfect and ticked all my boxes.

    Upon receiving the lights, I was able to charge them in approximately 1 hour. Installing was incredibly simple, I used the provided magnetic stickers to stick to my wooden struts,

    spacing them evenly so it would give me the illumination where I needed it most.

  3. Mark (store manager)

    I received my lights really quickly and have been very impressed with them so far. I made sure they were fully charged, attached the sticky pads (which attach to the lights using a magnet), and placed them up in the loft. Very easy to put into “motion mode” and the light they give off is perfect. I can now see throughout the entire loft and would highly recommend these if you can’t get wired lights where you need them. I actually have these to light where my wired fitting won’t reach and they are perfect.


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