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Three Tips For Keeping Your Loft Tidy

There are a number of ways you can approach your loft organisation. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure your items are properly stored, and protected from damp, dust, and any other potential hazards.

The question most people ask is “how do I keep my loft tidy?”. So, we decided to put together 3 top tips on how you can keep your attic neat and accessible, no matter what you decide to use the space for.

It’s All in The Build

The way your loft boarding is installed has a huge impact on how you can store your items in the future.

At Loftzone we install StoreFloor. This method of Loft boarding ensures that your attic is properly insulated and supported with Tri-Supports, slide on steel beams, and additional optional uni-supports.

Having the appropriate insulation and support in place before the deck is secured on top means that your loft can safely hold weights up to 500kg per square meter.

Discover our full step by step process on how we install StoreFloor loftboards.


Once your Loftboarding is installed, you want to make sure that everything you store in your newly organised attic are things that you need, use, or want to keep.

We recommend doing an inventory on what you store; it’s a time for being brutally selective and making sure that everything you no longer need is removed. Recycle, donate or sell old gadgets, clothes and furniture – they’ll be better off in a new home where they actually get some use!

Once you’ve cleared the clutter it will be much easier to keep on top of what you have, and it creates more space for things you actually need.

Optimal Organisation

Think about the storage you want to install in your loft – planning ahead will help when it’s time to determine an appropriate amount of shelving and/or cupboard space.

Remember, different materials need different methods of storage. Ensure photographs are properly contained, and clothing is safely packed to avoid damage from temperature changes and critters that make their way into the attic.

A great way to protect your property for longer is to store items in plastic containers with silica gel pads.  

Get Organised with Loftzone

Increase your storage space with safe and secure loft boarding. Contact the team for more information on our StoreFloor, or visit our shop to purchase your own DIY loft boarding kit.

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