5 things To Consider Before Installing Loft Boarding

Interested in boarding your loft? Not sure where to start? Look no further, the team at LoftZone has you covered!

Here are 5 handy things for you to consider before installing loft boarding:

1. The Loft Area

Consider how you plan to use your loft. For example, how much storage space do you need? Could you benefit from boarding your whole loft, or a section around the loft hatch?

When you have your planned area, measure it (twice!) to ensure that, whether you are installing it yourself or having an installer complete the build, your measurements are accurate.

Thinking about installing it yourself? We have a StoreFloor configurator tool which can provide you with an approximate calculation of the StoreFloor parts you will need for your particular loft.

2. The Current Insulation

Assess your current loft insulation. Could you benefit from adding more or replacing it? The StoreFloor system allows for up to 350mm under the raised floor, without compressing it. So, it would be a great opportunity while boarding your loft to upgrade your insulation as well.

If you’re fitting the insulation yourself, rolls of “blanket” insulation are usually the easiest option. They can be bought from many DIY stores and come in pre-cut rolls.

Insulation should be rolled before securing the boards. So, make sure you have all the insulation you need before installing the loft boarding. See our installation guide for our step-by-step advice. 

3. Will the loft boarding invalidate your new build warranty?

The NHBC warranty will not be invalidated if you install raised loft flooring, and nor will it affect the warranties from other companies that we have seen. 

LoftZone StoreFloor is suitable for almost all lofts, new and old, including cut, purlin and truss-roofed types. It’s frequently fitted in both houses and commercial buildings and is the only product that has official approval for use in new-build properties in the UK.

If you are having your boarding installed by another loft boarding installer, be sure to check that their work will not void the new build warranty.

4. Do you currently have access to your loft?

Do you already have an opening for a loft hatch? Will you require a loft ladder? Could you improve the access to your hatch with a suitable loft ladder?

Our DIY StoreFloor kits can be bought with either an ABRU Arrow Aluminium loft ladder or a Youngman Easiway 3-Section loft ladder. Both ladders styles are recommended to give you easy and safe access to your loft. If you need a new, larger, or moved hatch, then our installers can do this for you.

5. DIY or Installers?

Our DIY kits are lightweight, strong and simple to use with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for DIY projects.

If you’d prefer not to fit the deck yourself, then we have a range of authorised third-party installers covering the UK. Fully trained and insured to fit StoreFloor in your loft.

Find an installer near you.

Need more advice before starting your loft boarding project?

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