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Five Things You Should And Shouldn’t Store in Your Loft

There are plenty of dos and don’ts when it comes storing items in your loft.

With temperature fluctuations, the potential for insects, and the risk of over-stacking your storage, it’s essential that you store the right items in your loft to avoid damage.

What You Should Store in Your Loft

With LoftZone, our StoreFloor Loftboarding helps to stabilise the temperature in your loft, which helps to increase the number and variety of items you can store in the space.

Luggage and Suitcases

Bulky items like suitcases and luggage are ideal for storing in your loft. Whether they’re new and lightweight, or heavy vintage pieces, with our StoreFloor your attic can withstand weights up to 500kg per square meter.

Holiday Decorations

With Loft boarding you can safely store all of your holiday decorations with ease. Consider investing in some additional storage, rails, or cupboards in your newly fitted lofts and avoid tangling or damaging decorations.

Sports and Travel Equipment

Seasonal items like travel or non-daily sports equipment can easily be stored in your loft if you have the appropriate Loft boarding fitted. Storing these items together based on the activity they’re for will make your life easier when it comes to finding all the pieces and taking them out of storage in the future.

What You Shouldn’t Store in Your Loft

When it comes to storing items in your loft, it isn’t necessarily “one size fits all”. There are a number of things you shouldn’t keep in the loft in order to protect them.

Photographs and Memorabilia

If you have family photos or meaningful memorabilia, we recommend that you don’t keep them in the attic!

While it is absolutely possible to store paper, pictures and photographs in the loft, you have to be sure that you have secured them properly, otherwise they may fall victim to the elements.

Cleaning and Decorating Products

Flammable or hazardous items should never be kept in the loft. The changing temperatures can cause these products to combust and start a fire in your home. If you keep any form of chemicals, whether it be for cleaning, decorating, photography, or crafts, you need to ensure that they are kept somewhere that is at constant room temperature.

Likewise, decorating products like paint and varnish can spoil if they are exposed to changing temperatures. Save yourself a job and keep the paints somewhere else!

Storage Made easy with LoftZone

At LoftZone we ensure that all Loft boarding is correctly installed with the right insulation to avoid extreme temperature changes or unwanted moisture to access your loft. This will help you store more in your attic, without the risk of damaging your property.

Find out more on our StoreFloor and purchase yours today or contact the team with any questions you may have.

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