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Can I carry out loft hatch installation to achieve secondary loft access?

Initiating a secondary loft hatch installation is a possibility as long as certain parameters are met. Our professionals will be able to provide advice and make suggestions where needed for a successful process.


Your current loft hatch

Typically, a house will be constructed with a single loft hatch. Generally, they’re located within an upstairs hallway or within a bedroom if needed. The decision of where to locate the hatch is usually out of the homeowner’s hands.

Adapting your home to your specific needs is possible with the assistance of professionals. You may decide that the loft hatch will either need to be moved or you wish to seek assistance with a second loft hatch installation.


Relocation of your current loft hatch

Carrying out a loft hatch installation may be needed if the original hatch is located in an inaccessible or difficult place.

A professional will be needed if you wish to move your loft hatch as it is important that the new hatch is installed with strength and support in mind. Occasionally, a structural engineer may need to be contacted.

loft hatch with metal ladder

Additional loft hatches 

Similar to a standard loft hatch installation, professionals will need to be contacted to initiate and progress the project. Depending on where the new loft hatch is located, an analysis of the roof joist strength will need to take place. Installing a loft hatch too close to the original may compromise the overall strength, causing insecurities within your loft.


The loft hatch installation

To ensure the loft hatch installation progresses smoothly and issues are targeted ahead of the fitting, it is best to have in mind the size of the loft hatch you require. Some homeowners wish to upgrade the size of the loft hatch which in turn will require further analysis and building work to be completed safely.

Typically, a loft hatch is designed to fit between the loft joists. If you’re looking to expand the amount of access you have for your loft, the removal and relocation of strengthened joists will need to be carried out.

loft hatch with metal ladder

In turn, experts will be able to provide insight into whether this is possible for your property. As the joists are structural, it’s likely you’ll need the approval of a structural engineer. Their primary job would be to advise the best way to carry out the loft hatch installation as well as the best course of action to achieve the perfect finish.


Receiving professional advice

We’ve mentioned multiple times throughout this piece – the inclusion of professionals to carry out the loft hatch installation as well as branching out further by liaising with a structural engineer will be needed in most cases.

The reason for the need for a professional is usually down to the complexity of the task and each roof design and joist layout may differ from the next. With each project being unique, clarification and approval will be essential for a successful and safe completion.

This is especially important when looking to install a second loft hatch. It is key to ensure the secondary access route to the loft isn’t compromising the strength of the initial hatch. Strength issues could cause the loft space to be weak and usage of the boarded space may take a hit in terms of weight allowance or be deemed unsafe for use altogether.


Get in touch

To kick start your loft hatch installation, whether you’re relocating or installing a second loft hatch, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to advise the best course of action. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the loft ladder itself, you can view our available range on our website.

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