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How much of my loft space am I able to board?

If you’re deciding to increase your loft space, knowing how much you’re able to board will be the first point of call. You’ll likely already know how much space you’ll want to be boarded in order to reach your optimal storage capacity. If so, other areas such as headroom, access and bearing energy saving in mind will be the next steps.

The planning stages

Planning the stages of the loft space optimisation within the initial brainstorming of the decision-making process is key. Early on, you’ll have an idea of the requirements which you’ll want the loft space to meet. Once this task has been ticked off the list, the evaluation of the loft itself will be next.

Key structural and accessibility areas will need to be taken into account before the loft space construction can commence.

  • Headroom
  • Loft layout 
  • Structural strength

These areas are key to ensuring your loft is safe as well as being efficient for the use which you’ve chosen.


If you have a relatively shallow roof, loft space may be slightly limiting. If so, whilst ensuring your boards are raised for energy-saving benefits, LoftZone StoreFloor Compact will be the route for you. Slightly shorter raised loft board mounts will encourage airflow, similar to LoftZone StoreFloor, reducing the compaction of insulation which could raise energy bills. 

Loft Layout

Somewhat linking to the headroom topic, the overall layout of your loft could cause issues with the boarding process. We suggest boarding the most valuable areas with the aim of storage within your loft space, reducing cost and lowering stress on the beams.

Structural Strength

In some cases, the strength of your beams could present issues during the loft boarding process. Typically this is more so within older properties. If this is the case, our expert installers will be able to shed light on ways to get around this issue, if you choose to receive external assistance.

Gaining extra storage space

For many, the addition of extra storage space is key to reducing clutter and increasing the useability of space within the home. The loft space is the first place to consider when looking for extra useable storage. 

At LoftZone, we offer a variety of options to improve the useability of your loft space once it has been boarded. Options of box storage or even clothes storage are key to using the space with a high level of efficiency in mind.

Options for your loft

There are a varied number of solutions which are ideal for most loft spaces. Typically, box storage is one of the most popular. 

The materials and offers from us at LoftZone will ensure you’re able to create optimal use of your space. Loft shelving, ladders, various board types and replacement insulation create a safe place, minifying the issues of dampness once installed properly.

Planning permissions

If you’re looking to board your loft space for storage, luckily, there’s no need to worry about needing any form of planning permission. You would only need to explore this route if you’re looking to use it for other uses such as a living space. 

Get in touch

Get in touch today and we’ll be able to help advise the best course of action for your loft space and assist with putting you in touch with one of our experts. Our professional installers are perfect if you’re looking to carry out the project but leave the manual labour to someone else! 

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