How Much Value Does Loft Boarding Add To A Home?

Lets face it, when it comes to altering and developing our homes, we want to make sure that what we’re doing is adding value. Whether that be building a conservatory, retiling the bathroom, or even installing loft boarding, we want to know that the money we invest today, will add value either instantly or somewhere down the line.

Well, installing loft boarding can help to improve the value of your home. Whether it’s protecting your insulation, providing more storage space or saving you money on your energy costs, there are a wide range of ways that boarding your loft can benefit your home. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways that opening up your loft as a storage space can benefit your home and wallet:

4 ways in which loft boarding can improve your home:

1. Add more space in your home

Boarding your loft can create a wealth of storage space, allowing you to remove clutter and create space in the main rooms of your home. Move unused things into the loft and create more space in your home for the things you love.

What about dampness?

This is a genuine concern of many and is a legitimate issue when loft boarding is installed in the incorrect way. Our StoreFloor Loft Boarding specifically allows for an air gap above the insulation, which lets moist air be taken away before it causes damp, in order to protect the items you store in your loft.

2. Safer & easier to access areas of your loft

If your loft hasn’t been boarded, it can be quite a dangerous place for you and your family. You may need to access the inside of your roof, if there’s a leak, or for some other reason, and without proper loft boarding this area can be extremely hard to navigate. By boarding your loft, you instantly make this area safe for anyone who needs to access this space.

Aside from keeping yourself safe, correctly installed loft boarding can also protect belongings that you wish to store there. Loft Boards can safely store and support large and heavy items in your loft that may be taking up valuable space in your home.

Our StoreFloor is extremely strong and can hold up to an impressive 500kg per square meter, which is far stronger than the joists of your loft! Due to its Tri- and Uni-Supports, this supporting structure creates a very strong and safe platform that easily surpasses the British Standard for minimum floor load requirements.

3. Lower energy bills

Twenty five percent of heat loss occurs through an uninsulated roof. Installing raised loft boarding, which won’t damage or squash your insulation, can decrease the heat loss in your home. By reducing heat loss, you can save money on energy bills as a result of improved insulation.

Our StoreFloor is an award-winning, fully patented, loft boarding system designed especially for installing flooring over the full depth of insulation in a loft. This allows the insulation to work to its best ability, without the boards squashing and reducing the impact of the insulation.

4. Increase the sale value of your home

Make your house more attractive to potential buyers by creating more storage areas. The more storage space on offer, the more attractive selling points you have for your house. If you live in a new-build home, not to worry, our StoreFloor does not void your new build warranty.

Loft boarding is affordable and does not require planning permission. So, your investment now could benefit you greatly down the line!

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