work safely in your loft

How To Work Safely In Your Loft

Work safely in your loft. Injuries can occur from either falling from a height or tripping over a safety hazard – therefore there is a need for suitable precautions to ensure extra protection.

If you are thinking about taking on a loft project, you need to have a set plan ready for when you decide to set foot into the loft. Since the loft is unheated, thinking of taking on a project during the winter may not be a good idea, as well as perhaps avoiding an overheated summer’s day.

Once you have planned the day, take time to have a few breaks and get some fresh air due to the number of fibres from the insulation being spread throughout the loft space.

Be Prepared

Before setting foot into your loft, it is advised to keep a clear route to allow access, as well as for popping up and down from the loft and avoiding any blockages that may get in the way.

Due to some lofts having loose floor insulation, their particles and dust can irritate and cause harm to your breathing if it gets into your lungs. To avoid this from happening, protective clothing is recommended, base your clothing on what work you will be doing. Some inspiration could include solid shoes so nothing heavy can damage your feet, long-sleeved tops, and long trousers. Another recommendation is to equip yourself with some gloves and goggles / eye protection.

Make sure that when you work safely in your loft that you have someone helping you and giving you an extra pair of hands. Especially if you are using a ladder that is not (yet) fixed to the loft, just to be more stable and holding it steady.

In The Loft

Make sure as soon as enter the loft that it is well lit, otherwise, accidents can happen. Either a torch (or head torch) that can light up the entire space or hanging lights – whatever you decide, the significant thing is that the whole area you are working in is lit. For this, we offer our LED Loft Lights that are rechargeable, motion-sensing, and also sticks to wood and metal!
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Focus on clearing the space as much as possible. Giving yourself a large workspace will make it feel more organised as well as keeping yourself as safe as you can to prevent any accidents. Be careful of anything overhead for example, the roof beams and anything below that you could trip over as well. Just be aware and make your main priority yourself, and work safely in your loft.

How Can You Improve Your Loft?

Due to our award-winning, StoreFloor raised loft boarding system, we can make sure that your insulation has the breathing space it needs whilst installing flooring into your loft. Being able to create a product that can hold up to 500kg per square meter is a feature that can increase the amount of storage that your loft can hold. Always be aware and work safely in your loft.

If you are looking to increase the storage space in your loft and install the strongest raised loft boarding system available, then get in contact with us and give us a call on 01483 600 304 or drop us a message at

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