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Loft storage ideas for improved home organisation

Obtaining loft storage ideas and making those improvements can not only save space in your home but also increase the overall level of organisation. This is especially the case with the ‘long-term’ items such as family memorabilia and seasonal goods linked with Halloween and Christmas.

Why board your loft for more storage capabilities?

The need for extra storage space is a common issue as of late, especially in new build homes. The primary reason for this is developers are typically trying to lower the overall footprint of a home whilst maximising the usable indoor area. If that is the case in your new build home, the loft may be the next place you choose to investigate, choosing to browse the internet for loft storage ideas.

You may be living in an older home, or a new build with slightly more storage capabilities, and are looking to expand your storage solution purely for organisational purposes. If this is the case, loft boarding for the primary purpose of storage can be a cost-effective area. 

The investment into loft boarding, and looking into loft storage ideas, can produce more benefits than you may realise – this includes some sizeable energy-saving benefits. More benefits for your home, making the investment worth it, are:

  • Reduced heat loss
  • Lowered energy bills
  • Improved loft airflow reducing dampness

By investing in your home, typically, you’re also forward planning for if/when you sell your property. Those looking for a new home will weigh up the benefits to a property and a boarded loft can be a large selling point for most. 

Types of loft storage

To ensure you’re able to store all your memories and items safely and in an organised manner, our team at LoftZone have some recommendations as to the optimal forms of loft storage.


To properly store clothes, we recommend our loft wardrobe solution. We’ve developed a storage option for clothes which ensures the care and accessibility of your items. By allowing the clothes to hang within the fabric wardrobe, we’re ensuring that items such as suits and dresses can hang as the designer would have intended. Creases and unwanted fold lines are no longer an issue!

Box Storage

When we look to recommend box storage, we generally suggest using air-tight boxes which are stackable. This is usually to ensure no dampness, dust or unwanted critters such as spiders and bugs gain access. Stackable versions, especially clear boxes, make it easier to organise and see the content of each box. 

Keeping your home less cluttered

As we’ve mentioned, for some, carrying out research into loft storage ideas can greatly improve your day-to-day home organisation. Items which you use or want less often can benefit from being safe and out of the way when they’re not needed. 

Take a look at previous customer projects

We’ve assisted many who looked for an optimised loft storage solution. Our customers, who have looked into loft storage ideas, have contacted us to get the loft boarding job done. Take a look!

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Get in touch

If you’re looking into loft storage ideas and like the idea of clearing up your home life, be sure to get in touch. We’ll be able to provide all the information needed in regard to the loft boarding process, the forms of storage and the overall benefits of loft boarding.

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