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LoftZone Product Spotlight: Our New Additions!

Some of you may have already spotted the new additions to our LoftZone product range. As a company, we constantly strive to find new innovative ways to improve storage and safe useability in lofts.

Following on from the success of our LoftZone StoreFloor raised loft boarding system, we continue to develop our product range further with quality solutions for your everyday loft issues.

Within the last 6 months, we have added the LoftZone Steel TrussShelf and LED Loft Lights to our line!

LED Loft Lights

Ideal for lofts that do not have wiring for mains lighting, these rechargeable motion-sensor light strips stick to wood and metal, providing quick and easy illumination for your loft! The LED Loft Lights take seconds to install, have a long battery life, and are easy to recharge.

If you use your loft for storage, it’s so important to have safe and well-lit access.

The LED illuminated area measures 340 x 25mm. It emits 350 lumens of light and can sense movement within several meters. The LED Loft Light then switches off after 20 seconds of not detecting any more movement. So, you no longer need to be searching for the light pull to turn loft lights on and off!

The LED Loft Light recharges quickly with a USB cable (which comes provided). The battery life is 10 hours of continuous light. So, they should last a long time if you’re only popping into your loft for short periods. You can also change the brightness and colour temperature of the light, with the options being to make the light more yellow or blue in the settings.

Finally, the LED Loft Lights come with a strong adhesive strip on the back, which can stick to the timber in your loft. The back of the LED Loft Lights are also magnetic, so you can easily place them on a LoftZone Cross-Beam or Steel TrussShelf to safely guide you as you enter the loft.

For Loft Lighting, all of our LoftZone Installers can wire lights to your electricity if you prefer. But, if you are a DIY’er, then we now offer these rechargeable strip lights, without the need for any re-wiring!

LoftZone Steel TrussShelf

Our smart and simple-to-fit shelves for your loft! These steel shelves are designed to fit perfectly in trussed-roof lofts. These are the type of roofs you find in most UK houses built since the 1990s.

The Steel TrussShelf is a unique product, designed by LoftZone and made in the UK.

The smart choice for shelving (and additional storage!) in your loft. The LoftZone Steel TrussShelf is suitable for truss-roof lofts. These are lofts with the timber in V- or W- shapes, where the gap between each truss is approximately 600mm.

The smart steel shelf panels are simply placed on the trusses, as you place them and lower them into position, the shelf finds its own level. Then, all you have to do is to secure the TrussShelf in place with the screws provided.

The recommended maximum loading per shelf is 12kg. You can see recent reviews and the TrussShelf in action on our social media pages!

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We’re delighted to have expanded our product offering and cannot wait to hear how they improve your loft storage and usage. If you’re looking for more advice on your loft issues, our team of loft experts are always happy to answer any questions or help you make the most out of your loft space. Give us a call on 01483 600 304, or drop us a message at

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