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Preparing for the loft boarding process

If you’ve taken a step back and decided enough was enough – a new storage solution needed to be investigated within your home – loft storage may be your next option. 

The boarding process

Getting in touch with our professionals outlines the cost and the technical areas needed to complete the loft boarding process. When getting in touch with us, or talking to any loft boarding professional, it is essential to also supply your loft measurements along with an outlining description. Doing so will be able to provide the expert with important knowledge as there are many types of loft nowadays. What we mean by this is the design, the overall layout and the height of the roof overhead.

Is my loft suitable for boarding?

An external investigation into the possibility of loft boarding for your property, as well as talking to a professional, is key to knowing whether it would be beneficial for your situation. The reason for this is due to the various types of lofts and roofs which have been included within older builds and new builds. Some various common roof styles, which your home may feature, could include:

  • Gable roof
  • Hip roof
  • Dutch roof
  • Dormer roof

Along with the types of loft, the height may differ from one house to the next, as well as the structural beams holding up the roof itself.

How to take loft measurements

If you’re looking to take the measurements yourself, there are a few key areas that you need to note when looking for an accurate quote from a professional as well as providing the guidance for materials needed.

  • Width
  • Length
  • Height

As when measuring any room, you’ll need all three to know what amount of space you’re working with. Not all homes have a square roof either so you may need to measure around all edges to calculate the materials needed.

The reason for measuring the roof is so that not only do you know how much space you’ll be left with after installing the raised StoreFloor Kits but also so the professional is aware of the space to work within. If you choose to install the kit yourself, this measurement will be for your peace of mind.

You may find in some places that the roof height is too low, due to the type of loft, in some places causing it to feel cramped, even for storage. If this is the case, feel free to measure around these areas to achieve a final boarded-space measurement.

Allowing adequate headroom

Safely navigating your loft is important, as well as storing your personal items in the appropriate ways. The type of loft space may be a strong indicator as to how much and where you’re able to board. Speaking with a professional could identify cost savers such as positions within your loft which may be worth leaving, saving money on materials and labour as well as leaving breathing room for your insulation. It is key that these areas which may be left aren’t used for storage as it could damage the insulation, requiring it to be replaced due to damage.

Ideal storage solutions

Once the loft boarding has taken place, you’ll then be able to use the space for proper and ideal storage. Depending on the type of items you store, you may benefit from different storage solutions.

The possibility of successfully installing these types of storage may rely on the height of your roof as the shelves and wardrobe will need adequate space to function properly.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to get in touch with a professional for assistance or would like a free quote, incorporating the types of loft there are, be sure to contact us today.

Our professionals are properly trained with decades of experience. Installation of the loft boards is possible by the homeowners if you so choose. Instructions to carry out the optimal installation are included within the StoreFloor Kits – standard and compact.

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