Smart Loft Wardrobes

Store your clothes in the loft with Smart Loft Wardrobes

Storing your clothes in the loft doesn’t have to be something many may fear doing due to space or the organisational factor. With the help of our new Loft Wardrobe, storing your clothes couldn’t be safer or any simpler.


Installing the loft wardrobe

Throughout the design and production process, we wanted to ensure the assembly and installation were at the forefront of our minds. Having this thought throughout the whole process makes sure the person installing this within their loft space has an efficient and easy time. 

The most common form of loft structuring is truss roof construction. Designing this product to fit this style of roof opens up the market for a larger following, creating more useable clothing storage space for more across the country. The design of this loft clothing storage solution fits within a space of 600mm wide onto fixing plates that are supplied with the loft storage wardrobe. Unfortunately, due to its ridged sizing, if your loft trusses are only 400mm or 450mm apart this won’t fit. Explore our other options for optimal storage space and loft boarding today.

The wardrobe is 50cm wide, 55cm deep and 163cm tall. The hanging pole is 9cm below the top of the wardrobe, so should be mounted at least 154cm above the floor. If your house has a truss roof construction and you want to hang the wardrobe between the trusses, then please check that they are approx 600mm apart, as the wardrobe is too large for trusses that are only 400 or 450mm apart.


Long-term clothes storage

This smart, durable, fabric loft clothing storage allows for long-term clothing storage from season to season. Whether it’s summer or winter, store the opposite season’s outfits knowing they’ll be safe and ready to be worn as soon as the weather changes.

The design of the loft clothing storage allows for your clothes to breathe as well as keep dust out keeping your clothes fresh for longer. You may also be worried about any possible insects getting inside your wardrobe, however, we have thought of this – there’s nothing to worry about. We made sure that all seams and possible ‘entrances’ for any insects are tight and professionally put together.


Loft Wardrobe accessibility

The zip, which runs around the full front of the loft clothing storage, allows for full access as well as keeping your clothing safe and organised. The window on the front of the wardrobe allows for easy viewing of the clothes meaning, if you have multiple loft clothing wardrobes, you don’t need to go searching to find the item you’d like.

Along with the installation being a primary thought within the design and construction process, we also made sure ease of use after the installation was a main factor within the final product. We imagined ourselves in the shoes of the user which gave us valuable insight into what a typical homeowner may want with this product.


Get in touch

If you’d like to start the process of organising your clothes within your loft, get in touch or view our product page for further information. Take control of your storage and remove the worry today.

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