A person drilling nails into the base of a loft conversion with ceiling posts and insulation in the background.

The perfect finish from our professional installers

We have a number of professional installers who have many years of experience that can complete the install to a high level if you’re not ready for the DIY challenge. From start to finish, the installers prepare and install loft boards leaving a fully useable loft.

Certified & Fully Trained

Being able to achieve a perfect finish every time, our installers are professionally certified and fully trained to install our LoftZone StoreFloor kits. The certification process allows for the outlining of all areas of installation.

Efficiency and accuracy are key during the installation process. To gain certification as a professional LoftZone StoreFloor installer, they need to ensure that they can safely and securely install loft boards without issues and know how to overcome problems if they do arise. 

Another main area of focus is ensuring our professionals know how to install loft boards no matter the age of the property. Having an older property may be the reason you’re looking for a professional and you’re unaware of what may cause trouble within your loft space. We completely understand if this is the case. Occasionally, creating a plan of action before starting the initial installation process can help with how to approach the project.

Fully Insured

Peace of mind is important to us here at LoftZone. To bring that level of peace of mind to our customers, our fully trained and certified installers come with a full level of insurance. By offering this, we want our customers to only plan for the use of their loft and negate the worry of any possible issues arising.

As well as being fully ensured, we only offer installers to our customers who have been authorised by our internal team. We chose to support experienced installers who will provide the highest level of professionalism from start to finish.

Locate Your Nearest Professional

No matter your location, we’ll be able to provide your nearest professional to install loft boards. Through our postcode locator, we’ll be able to match you with an installer who has been with us for years and can take advantage of their LoftZone StoreFloor knowledge. Between the number of installers we have, they have completed tens of thousands of installs across the country.

Trade Pricing

If you are a tradesperson and you’re looking to join our team of professional installers here at LoftZone, don’t hesitate to get in touch and begin the ‘install loft boards’ process with us. We’re continuously looking for more professionals to bring under our wing and provide business to when customers get in touch.

Sign up with your details and we’ll get in contact for a brief discussion and a chance to show your professionalism and knowledge through an online training course. If you pass this course, we will send you a certificate which is worth one hour’s Continuous Professional Development.

Get In Touch

Whether you’re a customer or a tradesperson looking for some information or questions answered, feel free to get in touch. We’re more than pleased to provide the answers you’re looking for when it comes to LoftZone StoreFloor and its installation process.

We also suggest checking out our FAQ section as your inquiry may have been asked in the past. Some examples may be:

  • How much of my loft should I board?
  • Is my loft suitable?
  • What about older houses?
  • Are the loft boards you sell moisture-resistant?
  • How strong is StoreFloor?

Find out everything you need to get a professional to install loft boards in your home.

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