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What to look out for before knowing how to board a loft?

Deciding to board your loft could be the answer you’re looking for when it comes to extended storage, as well as providing benefits such as improved home energy efficiency. There are some areas which will need attention and evaluation ahead of commencing with a project of this scale.

Deciding the loft’s main use

The first point of call will need to be identifying the use of your loft. Currently, it may be a relatively normal, dark and empty space, as are most lofts which haven’t yet seen the improvement of loft boarding.

Knowing how to board a loft and turning it into a new spacious and usable area where you’re able to store family heirlooms and clothing, as well as improve energy savings, are all key reasons why most decide to take on the project. Not only that, we’ve noticed that some carry out boarding the loft to increase the home’s worth. 

At LoftZone, we’re able to assist with the pieces needed to achieve your desired loft experience. Shelving, lighting, the boards themselves and the ladders we recommend are all featured on our website.

The space you’re working with

Once you’ve decided what the main use for the loft will be after the boarding of the loft project is complete, it is then suggested to identify and calculate the current loft space within your home. Doing so will shed light on the number of materials you’ll need and more importantly, the amount of space you’ll be left with after the project is complete.
As all homes are made differently, primarily down to various building construction companies and the roof design, each home will feature a varied loft ceiling height. We supply both the standard LoftZone StoreFloor Kit as well as the Compact StoreFloor Kit. In doing so we’re able to allow our customers to maximise the use of their loft and achieve the highest amount of headroom as possible.

Optimising your newly available space

After knowing how to board the loft, using storage solutions such as shelving and clothing wardrobes allows for the space to be used as efficiently as possible, as mentioned, spreading the weight over a larger surface area. Further information on weight management within a loft can be found in a recent blog we created: How Much Weight Can Loft Boards Hold?

Loft Shelving

Designed for trussed roof lofts, installing our shelves allows for the weight to be lifted off the floor, taking advantage of the other strong aspects of the roof’s construction.

SC3 7867

Loft Wardrobe

Similar to loft shelving, our wardrobe solution allows for the storing of clothing in an efficient and protective manner. Its patent-pending design provides an air-tight environment for clothing ensuring the pieces are in perfect condition to get out and start wearing right away.

Smart Loft Wardrobes

Benefits of raised loft flooring

Raising the flooring has multiple benefits which are all beneficial to the homeowner:

  • Decreases energy loss
  • Improves airflow between the insulation and flooring
  • Protects the insulation from damage
  • Spreads the weight of your goods across the boards


These combined provide the perfect environment for your items to be protected year-round, increasing the value of your home and lower energy costs. With the roof being one of the main reasons for heat loss in the home, creating an energy-efficient space with allowance for airflow is valued among homeowners.

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Knowing how to board a loft and carrying out the project is one of the most beneficial areas of improvement within the home. If you’re looking to explore this project, be sure to get in touch and take a look at the available products we feature on our website.

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