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Kamil – DIY Loft Boarding

“I have been recommending LoftZone to friends and family. It's a great system and we are really pleased with the results!”

Kamil, a software engineer from Milton Keynes, lives with his wife Charlotte and two children. During lockdown Kamil started thinking about getting stuck into some home improvements and after going into the loft for the first time in over 2 years, he realised how much unused space there was up there. This led him to doing some research into loft boards and came across LoftZone.

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"I did some online research and the LoftZone kit appeared to be the strongest and safest that I could find.

I installed it myself. The instructions were really clear, and I found the online videos really helpful. The kit is easy to install for a relatively competent DIYer, but I would avoid working in the loft on really hot or cold days."

The intent of turning their loft into extra storage was instantly successful, Kamil says they only kept Christmas decorations in there previously, but now anything they don’t need regularly goes into the loft. A large factor is how much more accessible this space now is.

Kamil used our online configurator tool to determine the size kit he needed, if you have the dimensions you need, you can check yours here.

We’re super happy that Kamil is impressed with our StoreFloor!

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