Loft Wardrobe

The Smart, Easy-to-Fit, New Product for Loft Storage

Smart, durable, fabric loft wardrobe

This smart, durable, fabric loft wardrobe hangs between the trusses in your loft, or vertically from any beams or rafters, mounted on fixing plates that we supply. The fabric of the loft wardrobe keeps your clothes, shoes and other belongings clean and free from dust and insects, whilst the transparent window allows you to see what’s inside. A single zip allows easy access, too. 

In the winter, you can use our Loft Wardrobe to store your summer clothes, and in the summer your winter coats, safe in the knowledge they will be in perfect condition when you need them again.

We supply everything you need, all you need is a screwdriver!

Designed and made in the UK, and patent pending.

smart loft cupboard hanging