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Brits are just discovering cheap radiator gadget that can slash bills by hundreds

It turns out Brits who have been struggling to heat their homes could actually save hundreds of pounds a year by purchasing a relatively cheap gadget which can help heat rooms faster

With the arrival of colder weather, Brits are debating whether to turn their heating on yet, but with the ongoing energy crisis, some might still be holding out. As it gets colder, people will inevitably need to heat their homes – but luckily there’s a cheap gadget that can help you slash your bills by hundreds of pounds.

Energy bills may have dropped slightly from the start of the month, with Ofgem’s new price cap kicking in, but households will still want to try to keep their overall cost of living down. With average bills standing at £1,923, down from £2,074, it’s still important to save where you can.

According to a heating and insulation expert, one of the best things you can do to try to keep your energy expenses down is by being energy-efficient – and one particularly nifty gadget can help. LoftZone’s Dave Raval explained that because heat rises, this heating a large room can heel like “an impossible task”.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “As heat rises, the ceiling gets warm first, then only afterwards does the lower part of the room start to warm up. To tackle this, why not consider a radiator fan.” A radiator fan works attaching to your radiator, and re-directs the warm air instead of allowing it to rise to the ceiling and then gradually make its way down.

He added: “The fan simply blows the heat on to you, rather than let it drift upwards. This means you feel warmer sooner.” You can currently get a decent one on Amazon for £38, but there are many different makes and models available.

Many of the reviews are positive, with one Amazon customer saying: “Instead of the radiator’s heat rising to the ceiling this fan pushes warmth across the room where it mixes and warms the air. A good tool. Tested and found valuable right now in cooling weather.”

Meanwhile, you can get a ‘radiator booster and heat diverter’ on for just £16.91, which works in a similar way, by preventing heat from rising to the ceiling. Company RadFan suggests you can save up to £300 per year by doing this if you have a gas boiler, and up to £700 if you have an electric boiler. At RadFan’s ‘Classic Small’ fan, which is ‘perfect for radiators small and large’ costs £49.95, while a medium one costs £84.95.

According to the heating expert, the fans work by blowing heat at human-level, rather than letting it drift towards the ceiling, so you feel warmer quicker. This can be really beneficial in small rooms, where you will feel the benefit.

As well as being cheap, the radiator fans are easy to install as they are usually secured by magnets, so no additional plumbing or wiring is required, making it an “easy and relatively inexpensive way to help save on your heating bills,” added Dave.

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