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Glasgow is among the cities with the coldest houses in Great Britain

Glasgow is among the cities with the coldest houses in the UK, new research has found.

People in Glasgow have been declared the second most likely to have cold houses due to poor heat retention.

Birmingham tied for second place with 34%, while Brighton took the top spot with 42%.

Buying small cooking appliances, heating only certain rooms of the house and using hot water bottles are among the other methods widely used in the UK.

The survey was conducted by LoftZone and asked residents to rate their home as having “low” to “no” heating.

The research also found that people in Edinburgh are most likely to wear three layers of clothing when the heating is on, with both Glasgow and Edinburgh among the top five cities where residents complain of being cold indoors.

The UK survey found that a majority (69%) of respondents were concerned about keeping their homes warm this winter, while 38% also said it wasn’t worth turning on the heating.

Across the UK, 44% say they have turned off their heating to minimize their bills.

However, only 13% have invested in draft excluders, a solution believed to be one of the most cost-effective ways to keep homes warm.

Less than half (43%) also said they were aware of the benefits of compressing lost insulation to retain heat.

When asked about their daily problems with cold homes, 41% said they rush to get dressed in the morning, 33% said they wear layers when they are at home, and another 33% said that they have difficulty exiting the shower for fear of cold temperatures.

Over a quarter (26%) also said they had seen their breath at home because of the cold.

Nine in ten (89%) admitted to having complained about the cold at home, with that number rising to 92% for those in Edinburgh and Leeds.

The study was conducted by Opinion Matters for LoftZone among 2000 nationally representative UK adults between 27th and 31st October.

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