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Homeowners are concerned about keeping their homes warm this winter

We have always been particular about keeping our homes warm – how many can recall a parent sarcastically asking, “do we live in a barn?” when leaving a door wide open?

Now, as energy bills continue to rise, and with the cold months rolling in, many will channel their frugal fathers and mindful mothers to keep their homes warm and bills low.

In fact, 69% admit to being concerned about keeping their homes warm this winter, with 38% saying it’s not worth putting the heating on, according to new research from LoftZone.

The findings show that although 44% of Brits have resorted to keeping their heating off to minimise their bills, only 13% have bought draft excluders – a solution thought to be one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping homes warm.

Find the full conversation with Dave Raval, here.

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