raised loft flooring

How can I use my insulated loft for storage?

The cheapest and simplest solution to the very common problem of storing items in a fully-insulated loft is to install a raised floor above the insulation.

The LoftZone StoreFloor is a lightweight, low cost, easy-to-install and very strong platform for storing items and walking on, while protecting the 270mm loft insulation and allowing it to save energy and cut fuel bills as intended.

StoreFloor protects the insulation underneath it, and provides a strong floor for safe access or storage.

Spacing between joists varies considerably making it impossible for a non-adjustable system to work safely.

How will the StoreFloor raised loft floor help me?

The UK Government recommends that everyone insulates to a depth of 270mm if they use rolls of mineral wool insulation, which is the most cost-effective solution. It's cheap and relatively simple to do this, it will pay for itself rapidly, and it will help you to feel warmer in the winter and cooler at night in the summer.

But homeowners also want to use the loft for storage, and so many people put boxes on top of the insulation or, even worse, put boards down on top of the joists. In both cases, the insulation gets compressed. But squashed insulation doesn't perform very well! - the mineral wool loft insulation works because of the air trapped inside the insulation and if you compress it, the air gets squeezed out, making it much less effective.

  • Ceiling joists are only 75mm or 100mm high therefore if you have 270mm of insulation, it has to sit well above the level of the joists, making it impossible to see them.

  • When you can't see the joists, it becomes difficult to move around safely inside the loft, without risking stepping on an area between the joists and falling through the ceiling.

  • Almost all lofts are accessed for either maintenance or storage - this therefore becomes dangerous and almost always results in reduced insulation effectiveness because it is squashed by boards at joist height, removed in part, or simply because people refuse to insulate up to 270mm in the first place.

    Therefore, for insulation to work, a system is needed to protect the insulation whilst also providing a stable platform for safe access to the loft.

StoreFloor - safe storage space above your loft insulation

  • The LoftZone StoreFloor protects the insulation underneath it, and provides a safe deck for access or storage

  • The LoftZone StoreFloor is a unique, patented, modular system with standard components that are strong and lightweight whilst being simple and very fast to install.

  • The LoftZone StoreFloor forms a raised adjustable beam that goes across the joists. This allows for variations in joist spacing but also works precisely with standard 1,220mm loft boards and standard 600mm wide insulation rolls

  • Spacing between joists varies considerably making it impossible for a non-adjustable system to work safely

  • The LoftZone StoreFloor Raised Loft Floor works in all types of lofts - Trussed roofs with 600mm joist spacing and cut roofs with 400mm joist spacing.

  • The resulting system is extremely strong, easily passing the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum imposed floor load requirements, as well as tests for extremes of temperature in lofts.

What makes up the Raised Loft Floor?

Our product consists of very few parts. You will need:

  • LoftZone StoreFloor Main Supports - these strong plastic supports hold up the raised deck

  • LoftZone StoreFloor Beams - these metal items provide rigidity to the structure and make it safe to walk upon

  • LoftZone StoreFloor Mid-Beam Supports - these plastic supports help to spread the load on to all the joists

  • Standard chipboard loft panels

  • Self-tapping screws

See our StoreFloor installation guidelines here.