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5 Clever Loft Storage Solutions

It can be difficult to know what to do with empty space, with most people thinking lofts are just for storing your suitcases and Christmas decorations – but with the right ideas, you can transform your space into a loft storage solution.

Maintaining an organised loft can make your life much easier, saving you time when retrieving items and sifting through endless amounts of boxes. In fact, there are over 25 million insulated lofts in the UK – equating to a lot of wasted space if not used efficiently or in a way that suits your lifestyle.

At LoftZone, we have numerous clever storage solutions and ideas on how to create a productive and helpful loft storage solution…

1. Clearly Labelled or Transparent Storage Boxes

One of the most important factors going into transforming your loft’s organisation is to ensure that items are stored in a way that you can easily find them again, which is why the first clever loft storage solution we recommend is to clearly label boxes or invest in transparent storage containers, so you can quickly see what’s inside them.

Investing in some clear plastic boxes will allow you to see its contents straightaway, speeding up the process when searching for photo albums, summer clothes or any other items that have been stored away for a prolonged period. Additionally, clear boxes are easy to label and can be stacked quickly and easily, meaning any delicate, precious or sentimental items clogging up the downstairs – can be moved into the loft without worry. 

Top Tip: Do not stack above head height to avoid them becoming a hazard and reduce the risk of injury when entering your loft.

Alternatively, if you would rather not use plastic, then sturdy cardboard boxes work too – just make sure the contents are labelled so you can find everything again.

Organising your boxes by labelling them is a clever way to identify all your items. For example, writing things like ‘Christmas Décor’ and ‘Photo Albums’ is a great way to know exactly what you’ve stored, helping you prioritise everything in the loft and save you hours of digging out old boxes.

2. Truss shelves

Are your loft trusses V or W-shaped? If they are, we have the perfect clever loft storage solutions for you with our practical shelving options. LoftZone’s truss shelves can be Inserted between trusses, providing a lightweight, strong and simple-to-install solution, allowing you to store boxes and utilise wasted space.

If your loft has trussed roofs (the structural framework of timbers supporting the roof), they can hold shelving to make a platform. You can use this in conjunction with your storage boxes, but they can also support other items or make your loft storage solutions more organised and decluttered. Installing these platforms will make all those awkward spaces disappear and make the space generally more functional.

Angled walls and smaller areas can be tricky to manoeuvre around, so installing some shelves around the loft is a great idea to utilise the room without having to move or remove any of the joists. Don’t let any space go to waste!

For more information on any of our loft storage products or to discuss other options to improve your loft’s storage, contact our team today.

3. Hanging Rods

Hanging a few rails or rods between your trusses is a wonderful and versatile solution to improve your loft’s storage. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can hang your old and seasonal clothing from them; it’s an ideal loft storage solution to create more room in your loft.

Do you have a damp loft? It’s important to protect your clothing from dust particles, dampness, and mould in case your loft isn’t insulated properly. So, why not put all your clothing in plastic protectors or vacuumed bags so that they are accessible and concealed safely?

A LoftZone loft wardrobe is the ideal storage solution for keeping your clothes and items safe from dampness, dust, and other harmful substances.

If you prefer your clothing to stay in your wardrobes or you need it to be accessible, consider hanging some wires, Christmas decorations, or baskets from rails and rods. They will be completely secure, and you can adjust the bars to the way you want, making your loft more methodical and ensuring you can see everything in front of you without rummaging through endless containers.

4. Loft Boarding

You can store so many things in your loft, but you should be aware of what you store and how much you store.

Loft boarding is an effective way to create a larger storage space in your loft, with the simplest way to do so being to raise your loft boards above the insulation and joists.

The Loftzone StoreFloor can help you to create up to 50% more usable space – designed to install new flooring over the full depth of your insulation and hold a massive 500kg per square metre due to its Tri- and Uni- Supports, which are made from a strong engineering-grade recycled plastic, making it stronger than typical loft joists.

5. A LoftZone Storage Solution

Now that we have discussed our most recommended clever loft storage solutions, we hope you better understand the capabilities and products available to help you organise your loft and declutter your home.

At LoftZone, we ensure you can store your belongings in one fully functional loft space whilst protecting your insulation. Our team is always happy to answer any questions to help you make the most out of your loft space and help create your ideal loft storage solution.

If you have any questions or are unsure where your property falls under loft standards, contact us anytime! We are always happy to advise you. Call on 01483 600 304, or drop us a message at sales@loftzone.com.

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