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Environmentally Friendly Loft Boarding

As the years go on, the environment and climate change become more and more prominent in our lives. From the 5p plastic bag charge, to the eco setting on a dishwasher, environmentally conscious products and incentives are present in most things we do.

In our homes there are many things that can help us to reduce our personal carbon footprint, however one that is often neglected is the environmental benefits of loft boarding.

With that being said, not all loft boarding will provide the same environmental benefits as the LoftZone Storefloor for the following reasons:

Squashing insulation reduces its efficiency, resulting in more energy being used.

Standard loft boarding is traditionally fixed directly to the joists on the floor. This technique squashes insulation heavily or requires layers of insulation to be removed in order for the boards to be fitted.

It’s quite simple, squashing your insulation stops it from working. By squashing the insulation you risk its efficiency being reduced by up to 50%, resulting in more energy being used in the house, increasing your carbon footprint… and heating bill.

The solution? LoftZone StoreFloor has been specifically designed to allow your loft boarding to be installed over the insulation, to protect it and allow for maximum efficiency. With StoreFloor, you receive all the benefits of loft storage AND the full energy saving potential of your insulation.

Not having loft boarding increases the heat loss through your roof.

In general, loft boarding helps to prevent heat loss through your roof, providing another barrier to prevent heat from escaping. Of course, this is achievable with both traditional loft boarding or the raised StoreFloor, however only one allows for its insulation to work at the best of its ability.

Installers will often recommend standard boarding, because it’s cheaper and easy to install,  however this can have adverse effects on your carbon footprint. Standard loft boarding drastically reduces the airflow and breathability within your loft resulting in a build up of condensation & dampness. If your insulation gets damp it will stop working altogether and may have unfavorable effects on the heat retention in your home.

Reduce your carbon footprint with LoftZone StoreFloor!

Now, we’re not saying loft boarding alone is going to solve the world’s climate problems, but it’s worth considering as every consideration helps. It’s not only the planet that benefits either, the less heat being wasted means the lower your heating bill, meaning more money in your pocket.

Visit our Storefloor page for more information about the benefits of the award-winning, fully patented, BBA-Approved LoftZone Storefloor, or visit our shop to buy your kit today. It’s very easy to install yourself, just follow our Installation Guide for details.

Environmentally Friendly Loft Boarding

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