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What are the Best Loft Boards for a functional Storage

If you’re looking to utilise your unused loft space to add a functional storage room to your home, you’re going to need to find a suitable loft board that you can use to create a sturdy platform for your belongings. 

There are various loft flooring options, but what type of loft board is best to choose, and why? Here we’ll take you through the different types and their advantages and drawbacks so you are equipped with the relevant knowledge to make an informed decision on the best option for you.

LoftZone’s range of Best Loft Boards

LoftZone’s boarding solutions are much easier to use than timber without compromising on strength. All our options are light and fast to install while being suitable for both traditional and new build houses.

At LoftZone, we offer the most extensive range of loft boards in Britain, all available for rapid home delivery, including:

Supreme Loft Boards

Our supreme loft boards are the highest quality chipboard available, sold exclusively at LoftZone. They have a smoother finish making them better to walk and store possessions on, while also being stronger. Classified as ‘P5’ means this type of board is load bearing and is suitable for walking on and can hold heavy storage weight, able to be used in both dry and humid conditions.

Eco Loft Boards

As the name suggests, our eco loft boards are the most environmentally-friendly loft boards in the UK. They are made from birch trees grown in Germany and cut to size in the UK. After which, they are sanded down, and different glues are used. These materials and production methods ensure they have 97% fewer emissions than conventional chipboards, which are known to cause health problems. Despite this, they are still made to be as strong as the supreme boards and, at the end of their life, are far easier to recycle.

Narrow Loft Boards

All our boards are 1220mm long, but the narrow loft boards are 253mm wide, compared to our other options’ 300mm, 318mm, and 320mm width. The small size makes them easier to manoeuvre through your loft hatch for an easier installation. Depending on the dimensions of your loft, you may need narrow boards to fit in tighter spaces that the others are too large for. 

Standard Loft Boards

These standard loft boards are the typical boards you’d find at any DIY store, however, ours are sold at a lower price. It has a smooth surface, featuring a tongue and groove design on the two long edges for rapid and easy installation. Our standard loft boards come as a pack of 3, unlike the other types we offer that come individually.

Installing your loft boards

Once you’ve made your choice on which loft board to go ahead with, the next step is having them installed. While you can install the panels directly over the insulation across the joints, we recommend investing in a raised board flooring system. This will allow your insulation to retain its full depth, meaning you can save on energy bills and get all the storage you need. 

LoftZone offers the strongest loft boarding system available, which is award-winning and fully patented. The system is incredibly intuitive and straightforward to fix your loft boards to. To secure the deck, simply screw your chosen loft boards into the top of the Cross-Beams. Check out our handy installation guide to help you install your loft boards onto our StoreFloor system, or alternatively, find an approved installer of LoftZone’s products to have it done professionally.

If you want to see the benefits that LoftZone’s unique raised loft boarding solutions can provide – get in touch with a member of the team today to board your loft with confidence and peace of mind that your newfound storage solution is safe and secure. 

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