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Five ways to get your home ready for the Winter this Autumn

As the Summer draws to a close, people are trying to get their home ready for the winter this autumn.

Brits across the UK are seizing the opportunity to reset and reorganise their homes before the colder weather arrives, with over half revealing that getting their home into shape is a top priority for them this Autumn.

Research from LoftZone reveals that September’s back-to-school mentality (21 per cent), having clutter left from the summer months (50 per cent), and preparing for colder weather snaps (51 per cent), are some of the reasons we are taking action.

6 in 10 Brits surveyed said an Autumn declutter helps them to look forward to the months ahead, with 66% saying it helps relieve stress to organise their belongings, and 71% saying it has a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Previous research from LoftZone found that 41 per cent see the loft as the ‘dumping ground’ in houses, and 65 per cent said that this ‘dumping ground’ in their home fills them with dread due to the mess.


LoftZone has teamed up with Home Organisation Expert, Nicola Lewis aka ‘This Girl Can Organise’, to give her advice on why homeowners should use September and October to prepare their homes for Winter. “Autumn is a fantastic time to get your home into shape ahead of winter. I take the ‘back to school’ mentality and use this time to get my home decluttered and ready to bunker down for the colder months. Also, with the weather still warm, you can open all the windows, let the fresh air in and the dust out, it’s so satisfying!”

With last winter’s energy crisis still firmly in minds, 69 per cent of Brits said they are concerned about heating their homes this winter, with over a quarter taking steps to improve their homes energy efficiency.

LoftZone’s CEO Dave Raval says “September and October are pivotal months for homeowners to proactively prepare their homes for winter… don’t wait for the first frost to take action! One job homeowners could tackle this Autumn is making your home more energy efficient. Heat rises and in a typical British home 25% of your heat goes out through your ceiling, into your loft and out of through the roof. Insulation stops this by acting as the woolly hat for your home. Most people don’t know that squashing your loft insulation makes it 50 per cent less efficient. We love to use our lofts for storage or to wander around it for access. However, don’t put your boxes straight on the insulation or board down directly onto the joists, doing this will half the effectiveness of the insulation, which has a big impact on your bills”

Autumn is the time to make your home a haven of comfort and efficiency for the upcoming winter season. Whether you’re looking to improve insulation, create additional storage, or enhance energy efficiency, LoftZone’s innovative StoreFloor loft boarding system, loft shelving, loft lighting and loft wardrobes can be a valuable asset in your winter preparations, keeping your treasured possessions organised and safe.

Top five ways to get your home ready for the Winter this Autumn

Nicola Lewis, This Girl Can Organise has shared her top five ways to get your home ready for the Winter this Autumn:

Go easy on the energy:

Set timers on lights, washing machines and dishwashers and only use them during low energy times early in the morning or after 7pm at night.

Don’t be daft when it comes to draft:

To prevent drafts entering the home consider adding draft excluders by the doors and insulation tape around the windows to keep the heat inside. It’s also very important to insulate your loft, this will prevent heat escaping as it rises and will keep your home warm, lowering your bills.

Get lofty:

Now the loft is usually the place we store the things we don’t have space for inside our home. However, it can easily be filled with items not needed in the main house and become cluttered! So, consider adding a system and only storing the important items that have to be there. Make your loft space work for you, this area deserves respect just like the rest of your house.

A place for everything:

Your home should consist of all the things you love and use, make sure you give these items a home in the way of a basket, container, or box. For those items you don’t often use and need to be stored in the loft then always consider plastic storage containers. They are a great option as they are often airtight and will protect your belongings from dust, mold, rodents, and insects. It’s important to remember to label the containers so you can identify what’s in the box quickly and easily. If you have a lot of clothes, then consider installing a clothes rail. This is a fantastic way to save space and easily access seasonal clothes when needed. Just ensure you wrap your clothes in moth and mold proof cloth bags.

Get on top of your game plan:

It can be overwhelming when it comes to decluttering. Do a walk through your home and note down what areas have been unloved and unused, then you will have a plan of action! Take your time with this plan, it will be so useful in the long run, it’s worth putting the time in. You could even create a log of what you have decluttered and put in the loft, so you know exactly what’s up there.

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