StoreFloor Compact Cross-Beam to Span 1.8m

Individual Parts to Create A Custom StoreFloor Compact Kit

Single Galvanised Steel LoftZone StoreFloor Compact Cross-Beam.

Dimensions: 1750 x 80 x 30mm.

Weight: under 1.5kg

Because the Cross-Beams slide over the top of the Tri-Supports, they provide an adjustment of up to 75mm.

This beam is specially designed for joists that are spaced 450mm apart (measured from the centre of one joist to the centre of the next joist, not the distance in between them). Note that only a small percentage of houses have this joist spacing; most have 400mm or 600mm spacing, and for these properties, we recommend our regular 1.2m Cross-Beams.

Made in the UK.

NOTE: if you are using StoreFloor and not StoreFloor Compact, then please buy the StoreFloor equivalent of this part, which is larger.

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