StoreFloor Compact-Support

Individual Parts to Create A Custom StoreFloor Compact Kit

One Single Strong Buildings-Grade Recycled Plastic StoreFloor Compact-Support. This item is structural and load bearing and (alongside its equivalent for our StoreFloor system) is the strongest such raised loft flooring support in the market. Moreover, because it is made of plastic, it acts as an insulator. In comparison, if you raise your flooring with wood or with metal supports instead of this product, then these act as a “cold bridge” and will transfer heat away, by-passing your insulation.

Height: 159mm

Weight: 178g

Made in the UK.

NOTE: This product is only suitable for StoreFloor Compact, as it is too short for our regular StoreFloor.

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These parts can be delivered Monday to Friday for a flat rate of £5 within the UK.

Items bought on this website can be shipped to anywhere in Great Britain. If you are in Northern Ireland or the EU, then we can still ship to you however alas there is a minimum total order value for these destinations of £125 (including postage), which is because of Brexit-related red tape. For more information, please see our post on this topic in our FAQs page.

If you are looking to buy LoftZone in countries outside of Europe, then please see our other website



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