LoftZone Steel TrussShelf

Smart and Simple-to-Fit Shelves for Your Loft

These shelves are designed for trussed-roof lofts (which is what you find in most UK houses built since the 1990s).

Simply place them into position, they automatically find the right level and all you have to do is to use the screws provided! 

Steel TrussShelf

The smart choice in loft shelving

Suitable for truss-roof lofts (those are the ones with the timber in V- or W-shapes), where the gap between each truss is approx 600mm, these smart steel shelf panels can simply be placed on the trusses, where they find their own level, and then all you have to do is to secure them with the screws provided. 

Benefits of the LoftZone Steel TrussShelf

Very fast to fit – just put in place – the shelf finds its own level and is adjustable if your trusses are unevenly spaced

Just requires a screwdriver. We even provide the screws!

Fully recyclable (made of steel)

Made in the UK

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Installation guide

1. For each row of shelves, you will need one single End-Piece, which must go on the far right hand end of the row of shelves. Put this in place first, making sure that it rests on the inside of the trusses, and then screw it into the side of the trusses, using the longer screws provided. 

2. Then put the first TrussShelf panel in place. The right-hand side will rest on the End-Piece, and the left-hand side will rest on the trusses. No need to screw it in yet. 

3. Now put all of the other TrussShelf panels in place, with each panel resting on the previous panel on its right-hand side and on the trusses on its left-hand side. 

4. When you’re happy with the positioning of all the shelves, screw them to the trusses through the holes in the lugs on the left-hand side of each panel. Use the longer screws provided. 

5. Finally, screw each panel to the one next to it, through the slot and into the hole beneath, using the shorter screws provided. 

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