5 Tips To Maximise Storage Space In Your Loft

Are you looking to improve create more space in your loft? With a few easy storage ideas, you can transform your loft space from an unused space to a highly functional storage space for your home.

No matter how big or small your loft space is, there are many ways to maximise the storage space. Often, the best areas for storage are the unused spaces in your loft!

Begin with evaluating the current state of your loft, what storage space do you need more of, such as space for bulky suitcases or more space for small boxes. By considering your storage needs, you can choose the best options to help maximise your space.

Loft Boarding

The best way to start organising your loft is to create a safe and secure floor. Installing raised loft boarding will allow you to transform your loft space into functional storage.

Our award-winning loft boarding system, StoreFloor has been specially designed for installing flooring over the full depth of insulation in your loft. So, you don’t have to compromise on your loft insulation to create loft storage space.

By creating a stable flooring, you can set the grounds of optimising the storage in your loft. LoftZone StoreFloor is modular so can be installed section by section, so you can gradually build up more storage space as and when you need it.

Storage Boxes

Consider purchasing boxes with your storage needs in mind. For example, a small box for family photos, and a large box for toys. Storage boxes that are made from plastic are more durable and will provide more protection to your possessions compared to cardboard boxes. In particular, look for boxes with lids that will keep dust and bugs away.

Don’t forget the usefulness of choosing a clear storage box, this can help you find things more easily. Clearly labelling your boxes can also help you quickly see what box you need from a distance rather than rummaging through your whole loft!

Truss Shelving

If you have a trussed roof you could be losing valuable storage space! We’ve created the LoftZone Steel TrussShelf to create shelves on the trusses in a loft. Simply place the shelf into position, it automatically finds the right level and then all you have to do is use the screws provided to fix it to your loft’s trusses.

These shelves are perfect to store your storage boxes, or even keep fragile possessions safe and out of the way.

If you’re limited on floor space, truss shelving is the perfect option to maximise the storage space in your loft. The shelves are very strong and can provide neat storage.


Consider where you store your items in the loft. LoftZone StoreFloor loft boarding is extremely strong and can withhold 500kg per square metre. Giving you the option to store heavy items of the outer areas of the boarded floor, such as suitcases or heavy boxes that you may not need for a long time.

Then, store items you require more often near the loft hatch. With your clearly labelled and clear boxes, you will be able to quickly find anything you’re looking for and it will save you the hassle too!

Loft Lighting

The key to functional loft storage is light! The brighter you can make your loft, the easier you will be able to use it as a regular storage option. You can also provide a safer space with clear lighting and an organised space.

Consider battery-powered LED lights if you do not have mains access to install a light. These can be quickly installed, remember to install them as close to the loft hatch as possible. So you can turn the lights on as soon as you enter the loft.

Get Organised with Loftzone

Increase your storage space with our safe and secure loft products. Whether you fancy installing your own DIY Loft Boarding Kit or would prefer a professional loft boarding installer, our team of loft experts are always happy to answer any questions or help you to make the most out of your loft space. Give us a call on 01483 600 304, or drop us a message to sales@loftzone.co.uk.

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