LED Loft Lights

Join over 80,000 homes in Britain who have upgraded their lofts with LoftZone. 

Our innovative loft lighting will never leave you in the dark or fumbling for the cord again. Our unique LED loft light works with motion sensing and offers so much more than a bare bulb. It takes only seconds to fit, too!

Loft Lighting With No Installation

If you use your loft for storage, you’ll need to see what you have got up there. Forget complicated wiring that digs up your loft boarding and ruins your insulation. LoftZone’s LED loft lights are simply stuck wherever you need them. Our installers are more than happy to provide support, but these are easy to install for even novice DIY’ers. 

Loft Lights have an adhesive strip on the back which sticks to timber. They also have a magnetic strip so you can place them on LoftZone Cross-Beams or TrussShelves to guide you as you enter the loft. 

Illuminate the darkest corners and edges of your loft to truly make the most out of the space.

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Takes only seconds to install, long battery life, easy to recharge

LoftZone’s loft lights illuminate for more than 10 hours with continuous light. Based on the average amount of time spent in lofts over the year, you will be set for well over a year. Recharge your loft light using the USB cable which is provided with your order. 


Loft Lights illuminate an area of 340 x 25mm, wich emits 350 lumens of light and sense movement even further. It will switch off after 20 seconds without detecting movement. You can set the light’s brightness and colour temperature to suit your needs, too. It’s the perfect, eco friendly and efficient light to install in your loft. It also puts an end to fumbling around to find a switch when you are standing on the ladder. 

Each LED Loft Light comes with:

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