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The Shelf-Beam is one of LoftZone’s two unique loft shelving products, designed and made in the UK, to provide extra storage space in the lofts of houses with trussed roofs (as found in most British houses built since the 1990s).

The Shelf-Beam consists of a metal beam with two brackets, one at each end, that is placed between the wooden trusses in your loft. You then screw the brackets into the trusses with the screws provided and place loft boards (or any other shelving board you choose) on top of the beams. As the final step, screw the boards into the Shelf-Beams with the self-tapping screws provided. In this respect, it’s very similar to fitting boards on to our raised loft decking products, StoreFloor and StoreFloor Compact, but for shelving instead! It’s very simple and fitting instructions are provided with each kit.

The Shelf-Beams come in two lengths, 700mm and 375mm, allowing you to even have two rows of shelving, one on top of each other  They weigh 650g and 350g respectively.

Each loft shelf is designed to hold up to 25kg of stored possessions, assuming you use any of our loft boards as the shelving material. Screws are provided, all you need is a screwdriver.

For information on our other loft shelving product (the Steel TrussShelf), and to compare them, please see our TrussShelf page.


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These shelving kits and parts can be delivered Monday to Friday for a flat rate of £12, regardless of how many parts are ordered. It’s included in the same flat fee if you order other LoftZone parts at the same time, too.

Items bought on this website can be sent to anywhere in the UK, except that we don’t send boards to remote locations (northern Scotland, islands) alas, owing to the high shipping charges. Please contact us for an estimate if you’d like boards shipped to these locations.

If you are looking to buy LoftZone in countries outside of Europe, then please see our other website www.loftzone.com.




6 reviews for Wooden Loft Shelving

  1. Damon

    Great product, takes just minutes to install, everything was provided and instructions were very easy to follow.

  2. Robert

    Just finished fitting two sets of the Wooden Loft Shelving as a complete kit and all I can say is that it was a walk in the park. Very happy with the product, same great quality that I have had when I boarded my whole loft using LoftZone. Would totally recommend it and to be honest I am super inclined to buy two more sets and extend the shelves. One piece of advice, always use a spirit level to check the length of the shelf, not just its width. Once fitting 2 metal supports, you can use your wood and fit the supports snug under it.

  3. Iain

    I received two sets of 375mm and 700mm loft zone shelf beams. Each set had 5 beams and screws required to fit to trusses and to screw the boards to the beams. I used my own boards.
    They were very quick easy to fit.Simply push two brackets into each beam, one each end of the beam. Place the beam on the trusses and check level with spirit level (they support themselves in place) and secure to the trusses using 4 screws. Repeat for next beam. Place the board on top and secure with a screw into the beams at each end.

    They make great use of the space between the trusses and stop your Lott insulation getting crushed under stored items.

    I note that for my loft the trusses had a wooden support between them that meant I was unable to fit the 700mm beams on every truss and had to fit on every other truss instead. I will have to ensure only to put very light items on these 700mm shelves as they have 1200mm between supports not 600mm. However there was no interference with the 375mm beams. So if you have similar arrangement I’d recommend just using the 375mm beams not the 700mm ones.

  4. Lewis

    I purchased the 700mm shelf beam to increase the useable storage space within my loft. They were surprisingly quick and easy to install. I just popped a small level on the middle of it and leveled it off nice a quickly before screwing it to the trusses. The shelf panels I bought with it were quick to install and it was all complete within the hour. I would recommend this product as it is quick to install and increases your loft space.

  5. Andrew

    Having used LoftZone to increase my insulation in the loft and create a boarded space. I was excited when the new Shelf Beam was announced. I immediately ordered 2 sets of 5 beams to create some additional storage space. As the centre of the loft is boarded the shelves either side make it easier to access and logically store the clutter I keep.

    The beams arrived, although part of the order was missing, LoftZone were great in dispatching the missing items with next day delivery. Finally I cleared some space and decided to start. Shelf Beam was soo simple I completed the first side in under 15 minutes, the clips snap easily into the beam, the beam is placed in the desired location and dropped down. I levelled each on and drilled the screws into place. Couldn’t be any simpler. I didn’t opt for boards as I would prefer to get some sheet wood cut to size to span these.

    Compared to other shelving ideas this is brilliant and in a league of its own. I would definitely recommend this product to all my friends and family.

  6. Charles

    The Loftzone shelves have been a great purchase. Easy to install, comes with boards and creates a fantastic storage solution. Will be looking to purchase more for the other joists in my attic. 5 Stars

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